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Adult health and social care

The adult health and social care sector is ever-growing as an ageing population and an increase in the number of adults with learning disabilities requires additional care workers to ensure they’re provided with quality, lifelong care.

An increase in demand and a potential shortage of workers means businesses within this sector are at risk of becoming understaffed – which could potentially lead to a rise in wage costs, and low morale amongst existing staff.

Vision Business understands that workers within the adult health and social care sector need to be passionate, resilient and highly-skilled and that employers seek qualified workers within this field.

We can help you to plan effectively for the future, and recruit and train your workforce successfully – to ensure not only your needs are met, but those of your clients and customers too.

With over 32 combined years’ experience within the adult health and social care industry, across a range of roles, our dedicated adult care team realises that these issues need addressing now, and combined with our expertise as one of the best training providers in the country, we’re adept in helping you achieve these targets.

Our offer to the adult health and social care industry comprises:

Support and professional services

Administrative support
Team leading

Care services

Adult care
Lead adult care

Leadership and management

Care leadership and management
Team leading