Business and management

Vision Business is able to offer a holistic solution for a range of industries with our offer of business and management programmes. We understand that effective businesses need high performing staff with responsibilities for administration and management. Poor management is the biggest cause of the UK productivity gap with the UK performing at 18% less than G7 competitors. We provide a service aimed at ensuring your business is better led and managed with increased productivity. For our management programmes, we work in partnership with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Our offer can train staff at every level in your organisation right up to senior management. 

We can do this because we are part of a multi-million pound college, with high quality teaching staff who are responsive to the needs of your business. Our staff have a wealth of experience in business and management, in a range of roles and organisations including public, private and 3rd sectors.

We work with several large organisations providing tailored solutions through effective training and development.

Organisations working with us

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