Apprentice on construction site

Construction and engineering

Both the construction and engineering industries demand skilled workers with both the technical knowhow and problem-solving skills needed to keep things moving.

Vision Business understands that both of these industries have a growing need to fill the skills gaps left by an ageing workforce, and a desire to pass on their knowledge to new talent.

With access to the world-class training facilities of Vision West Nottinghamshire College and staff with years of hands-on experience in industry, Vision Business is able to provide your business with practical training, and solutions to ensure your workforce are equipped with the right skills which will allow your business to thrive in a competitive market.

Our offer to the construction and engineering industries comprises:


Carpentry and joinery
Electrical installation
Painting and decorating
Plumbing and heating
Construction in the built environment


Engineering manufacture (mechanical and electrical)
Engineering maintenance
Motor vehicle maintenance
Fabrication and welding
Performing engineering operations

Support and professional services

Team leading
Customer services
Business administration