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If you are an employer who hasn’t recruited, employed or trained an apprentice, you might be surprised at just how complicated the process can be.

Apprenticeships are a well-recognised way for employers to both recruit and train new staff – bringing in and developing new ‘home grown’ talent to a business, but that’s not all apprenticeships can do these days – they can also be a cost effective way of training your existing staff to ensure that the skills you have in the business meet your needs now and into the future.

The term ‘apprenticeship’ means many things to many people and our job is to make sure that the apprenticeships that you have in your organisation meet your needs whilst remaining fully compliant with all the rules and regulations.

It’s far from simple because your apprentices have to be following formally-recognised qualifications – apprenticeship standards or frameworks to be eligible for funding terms. You’ll want them to be eligible so that you can either recover your levy or benefit from available Government funding.

For many employers this can be very confusing and many simply give up rather than try and wade through all these rules and regulations.

This is where we come in…

FREE advice service

We can help you design and implement a comprehensive apprenticeship plan whilst maximising financial support and/or apprenticeship levy recovery. At the end you will be provided with a company specific plan for training and development through apprenticeships. free service advice two people dicussing options

We will:

Look at your business goals and where training fits into it.

Look at your existing staff skills and how apprenticeships can support the development of new skills.

Assess your immediate and longer term recruitment needs.

You recruit apprentices and/or ask your existing employees to undertake apprenticeship training Then you find one or more approved training providers.

Work out how many apprentices you need, what it all costs, what funding is available to support it and, if you’re a levy payer, profile how your plan recovers your levy payments.

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