Training - our core business

Getting the best in high-quality training comes down to contracting with the right provider in the first place and then having a very clear agreement about service standards and expectations. There are literally thousands of registered providers, so how do you know what you’re getting will meet your needs?

As a large college with nearly 100 years’ experience, training is our core business and this is where we really come into our own.

Before your training programme begins we will sit down with you and agree a training plan for your apprentices, so you know when training will happen and what skills the training will deliver for your business. Face-to-face contact is backed up with an electronic portfolio system so that you and your apprentices can keep track of their progress in real time.

Not only are we well-respected, but are widely known for the quality of our training offer. With an infrastructure and support systems that are tried and tested you can be assured that what you get will be top quality. We also have the benefit of having worked with some of the best private training providers in the country, so if we can’t deliver to the high standard you deserve, we probably know someone who can and are happy to broker that relationship for you.

Our staff are highly-trained experts in their field, our trainers will meet with you and your apprentices on a regular basis to make sure they are on track.

Get the right provider and you’ll have a great apprenticeship scheme. Get the wrong one and sadly you may find that your apprentice’s time, your time and your money have been wasted.

Employer reference number – an employer’s guide

An employer reference number (ERN) is a unique number given to each employer site where an apprentice will be working. The ERN enables us to verify you as a company and an employer which sets in motion our recruitment service.

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